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CodeWars video contest


Do you like making videos? Do you like CodeWars? Then make a video for the “CodeWars Style” Video Contest!

What is “Code Wars  Style?” Is it the rush of getting the right answer to a coding problem? Is it the elaborate costumes? The pizza? The raffle prizes? Or is it the pure awesomeness of hanging out with more than 500 other people also willing to spend a half day competing in the absolute best programming competition in the world?

All of the above!

To participate in the CodeWars Style Video Contest (this is not complicated):

  • Make a three-minute video about what CodeWars Style means to you.
  • Post your video on YouTube and send a link to Entries must be posted by Friday, February 22 at 5:00 PM CST.

One winning video will be selected based on creativity and “CodeWars Style”. The name(s) of the winners will be announced during the CodeWars programming competition event on Saturday, March 3 and the winning video will be broadcast during the event. The winners’ names will also be posted to the CodeWars web site and Facebook page along with a link to the winning video.

Eligibility is limited to teams competing at one of the CodeWars competitions (Houston, Roseville, Taipei).