Problem #4

Code Wars II
Danger Level: Green

}Nth Prime Number~

Point Value: 3

Problem Statement

Prime numbers are used in many program algorithms, including hash tables and encryption.  Write a program to display the Nth prime number for a given value of N.

Program Input

The program should read a single integer from the input line (keyboard).  This is the value of N to be used later.  After displaying the output, the program should continue reading values for N until the user presses the '.' key.


Program Output

The program should display the value of N and the Nth prime number to the screen.  The program may assume that N will be in the range 1 through 9999, inclusive.  Here are the values for the above input:

The 1st prime number is 2.
The 4th prime number is 7.
The 10th prime number is 29.